Facility Maintenance Services

Let Us Handle It!

Worrying about the maintenance of your facility is the last thing you need in addition to your already demanding responsibilities. Let us handle the stresses that come along with managing your facility. We're here to help serve any need that may arise.

Meeting your specific needs is central to our mission. Each solution and level of service is tailored to the individual customer and facility requirements, thus delivering the best overall value.

Our team can provide the services your facility requires and demands. Let us handle remodels and upgrades, maintain the premises and keep those mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems running flawlessly. Thoroughly managing your building will increase the life of your investment and reduce overhead costs impacting your bottom line.

In addition to the above, we're fully equiped to handle:

    > Light Inspections

    > Contractor/Vendor Management

    > Build Outs/Reconfiguration

    > Painting

    > Floor Repairs & Replacement

    > Pressure Washing

    > Payrolling

    > Sanitary Consummable Products and Dispensers

    > Ceiling repair

    > Water Damage

    > Disninfection & Sanitization

    > Construction Cleaning

    > Full Service Janitorial (See our Janitorial Services Page)

For more information regarding your specific needs, please contact us by phone or by clicking Contact Us. We'd be happy learn more about your facility and understand your needs. We'd be happy to provide professional insight and a proposal for services at no cost to you.