Janitorial Services / Window Washing /
Pressure Washing / Interior Exterior Painting / Water Damage


Superior Service, Experienced Staff

Service excellence is our foremost objective at Building One. We have been able to grow as a cleaning company and foster long term relationships based on this premise. Our quality control begins and ends with our ownership but also cascades down through our management team to all levels of service workers. Our management team will be personally involved with ensuring that the quality of service is met continually throughout the contract at your facility. By taking such a proactive role and making the commitment to provide the highest quality services possible, we are able to eliminate the inconsistency and “peaks and valleys” of service so prevalent in our industry. This is where we feel that our service program is unparalleled and exceeds most customers’ expectations.

We're privileged to serve customers of such a diverse set, ranging from Fortune 500 to family owned and operated companies. With such a broad base of industry knowledge, we are confident that can clean your facility the way YOU want it and the way it SHOULD be cleaned. We're equiped to handle and currently provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our service capabilities are NOT limited and our customers rely on us for:       

  • Floor Refinishing  (All Surfaces)  
  • Clean Rooms   
  • Kitchen/Cafeteria    
  • Deep Cleaning    
  • Restroom surfaces    
  • Window Washing    
  • Furniture & Other    
  • Steam Cleaning    
  • Disinfection and Sanitization    
  • Payrolling    
  • Pressure Washing    
  • Water Damage

A comprehensive list of other service capabilities can be found on our Facility Services page.

Furthermore, we understand how critical the care of your facility is to your business operations.  We don't just focus on the appearance, we pay close attention to ALL of your needs and concerns to ensure we provide the proper staffing . Our robust, paperless recruiting and hiring process allows us determine which of the pre-screened personnel shall be the best fit.